Donald: This is Santa Claus in North Pole, Alaska. I’m a former City of North Pole Councilman and a past President of the North Pole Community Chamber of Commerce. I am a clergyman and advocate for child health, safety, and welfare.

I’m going to be expressing my opinions, through satire and without malice, regarding your policies, many of which have a profound devastating impact on child health, safety, and welfare and on our children’s future.

I’ll address issues including immigration, health and human services, education, defense, agriculture, commerce, labor, climate, transportation, housing, energy, religion, homeland security, and the environment, economy, legal and legislative matters, and your behavior and temperament that appear to have created a divisive climate of hatred, fear, and despair.

First, I think it’s worthwhile to explain what prompts me to address your policies. In my case, ever since I was ordained as a Priest and a Monk, then consecrated as a Bishop, my Mission has been to advocate for millions of vulnerable children in dire straits: those who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized, and children going through foster care and the adoption processes. Currently, my mission is to prompt you to institute policies that improve child health, safety, and welfare and their future.

You and your enablers might wonder why I, Santa Claus, am taking you to task for your policies. Well, the tradition began many centuries ago. My name, Santa Claus, comes from the Dutch expression: Sinterklaas, which refers to Saint Nicholas who lived about 1,700 years ago in Asia Minor, where the country Turkey is now.

Nicholas was an Orthodox (Christian) Bishop whose parents had great wealth, as yours did. When his parents died, he used his inheritance secretly to help fathers in his town provide dowries. Back then, if young women did not have a dowry, usually money, to bring to their prospective marriage, they could not marry. Nicholas was not making or giving children toys or trust funds; instead, he was making it possible for young women to avoid a life of prostitution.

Many Christians still revere Nicholas as a saint; and, he is recognized as the patron saint of children, students, sailors, merchants, archers, brewers, pawnbrokers, and repentant thieves. Nicholas even took his Emperor and fellow bishops to task, speaking truth to power.

Throughout the centuries, the image of Nicholas turned into Santa Claus in many places. These days, instead of Nicholas’ image of protecting children and saving people, Santa’s image now mostly is defined by marketeers, toy makers, purveyors of sugary soft drinks, car dealerships, and mall operators — creating a crass, commercial, secular spectacle. Fortunately, though, there are many “Santas” who volunteer to appear for children in schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations, and enjoy lifting children’s spirits, affording them hope of a better future, and affording them a measure of joy during their visits, as I have, from time to time.

Keep in mind that I’m not judging you; however, I am addressing your behavior and policies. I trust that my efforts on ultimately will help benefit millions of children and improve their future. I intend to emphatically express my opinions, without malice, primarily using satire. One definition of satire is: “Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.” Satire is considered a protected form of free speech.

I am speaking truth to power, as Nicholas did many centuries ago, and am reviving that tradition. In any case, Donald, note that I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I’m an Independent — as are more than a third of eligible voters throughout our country. I urge you to either improve your policies regarding child health, safety, and welfare and our children’s future or RESIGN as soon as possible and take your enablers with you.

I invite you to visit F-TRUMP.COM, read this Open Letter, and view a variety of images and videos. Just in case you missed it, be sure to note that the “F” in F-TRUMP.COM is a nod to your father, Fred — after all, you are his legacy.

I recently said farewell to my 300,000+ beloved Facebook followers and deleted all of my social media accounts; now, I intend to focus my full attention on your policies and their impact on children.

Santa Claus
North Pole, Alaska


(c) 2018 Santa Claus. All Rights Reserved.